HackAtom RU 2021 Prizes

Описание тасков на Русском доступно на сайте

This hackathon is sponsored by the ICF and the 3 main categories of prizes can be found here.  
This page is for the tasks created by different Cosmos ecsystem projects who are generously sponsoring this hackathon. Teams can submit a projects for bounties while tasks are for individuals and are NOT a team submission.  Sponsors of bounties will determine the winners of their bounty.



Task Name & Sponsor Tendermint Starport Bounty
Prize  $5k in ATOMs
# of Winners 2
Bounty Contribute to Starport, the state-of-the-art open-source tool for building blockchains, for a chance to up to $5k USD in ATOMs. You can introduce improvements to code generation, builiding & running blockchains, or explore other ways to make blockchain development easier on Starport.  We are looking for innovation and advancement of Starport code.
Sponsor Rules
  • There will be a winning team that receives $3.5k USD in ATOMs and a runner up team that receives $1.5k USD in ATOMs.
  • KYC will be required for prize dispersement. 


Task Name & Sponsor Secret Contract Bounty by Secret Network
Prize $5K in SCRT
# of Winners 2
Bounty Create a Secret App using Secret Network. You can refer to this post for ideas and inspiration. Our goal is to use this hackathon to get developers started building on Secret Network and apply for Secret Network development grants.
Sponsor rules
  • Winning team will receive $3500 in SCRT and the runner-up will receive $1500 in SCRT
  • KYC will be required for prize dispersement
  • Secret opening ceremony presentation


Task Name & Sponsor Cybers 'AI' bounty
Prize $5k in GCYB or 35 GCYB

Please note that GCYB is illiquid and the prize may actually be larger due to the flactuation of the price of ETH against GCYB
# of Winners 2
Bounty `Create a digital Life`:
  • Launch a contract that will create cyberlinks based upon a  strategy that drives you (i.e. random linking)
  • Get your contract to cyberlink in autonomous mode. I.E. add your contract to the cron module. The program should be executed per block or randomly or every given number of blocks
  • Get your contract to talk with your friends on other chains, using `ibc-reflect`, in autonomous mode. Your contract should be able to talk to other contracts, using IBC, autonomously
Sponsor rules
  • Hacker shoul be able to demonstrate knowledge of VM bindings to cyber's modules and the writing of contract with CosmWasm
  • There will be a winning team and a runner up team, the prize will be devided subjectively by the sponsor among the 2 teams
  • KYC is not required to receive the prize





Unicorn Tasks: IBC & DeFi


Task Name & Sponsor

CosmWasm (Confio) Unicorn Task

Prize $2k USD in ATOMs 
# of Winners



Assuming liquidity module on one zone (from B-Harvest):

  1. Create a bonding curve contract.
  2. Buy tokens (3 different accounts).
  3. One account sends their tokens via cw20-ics20 contract to chain X.
  4. List tokens on dex on remote chain.
  5. New account buys on dex.
  6. New owner transfers back to origin.
  7. New owner selles on bonding curve to get back native token.
Sponsor Rules
  • The hackers must learn to use 2 contracts, IBC messages and the dex. 
  • $1k USD in ATOMs will be awarded to the first script provider and the $500 USD in ATOMs will be awarded to the first 2 hackers who provide manual solution. If there is no script provider then the full $2k will be divided between the first 3 who provide manual solution. 
  • KYC is not required to receive the prize.



Task Name & Sponsor Agoric Unicorn Task
Prize $2k USD in ATOMs 
# of Winners 3

Build a DeFi contract with oracles on Agoric

  1. Create a new starter dapp using Agoric SDK.
  2. Use the Agoric documentation and reach out on Discord if you have any questions.
  3. Replace the contract in your dapp with an import fo the loan contract or the call spread contract from '@agoric/zoe/src/contracts'.
  4. Create some test for your contract using a mock prizeAuthority ('@agoric/zoe/tools/fakePriceAuthority'). PriceAuthorities are a standardized way of representing price oracles in Agoric smart contracts.
  5. Instead of a mock, use the priceAuthority that is available on-chain ('home.priceAuthority').
  6. Write tests that acts as a user successfully using the contract and triggering different scenarios (it may be easier to contribute using the mock for this to trigger a scenario in particular).  Be sure to make offers using different kinds of invitations.
  7. Write a new contract that uses a priceAuthority.
  8. Using the priceAuthority as a model of how oracles can be used on Agoric, create another kind of Authority, such as a disputeResolutionAuthority or a governanceAuthority (in both cases, an obhect whose methods five a decision output), or a weatherAuthority (an object whose methods give weather information, such as rainfall).
Sponsor Rules
  • The hackers must learn to use a priceAuthority in a contract and must understand how oracles work on Agoric enough to produce a new Authority. JavaScript coding is required. 
  • The prize will be split between the first 3 hackers who complete the tasks from start to finish. If no hackers are able to complete all the tasks, the rewards are split among 3 hackers who are able to completet the most tasks. 
  • KYC is not required to receive the prize.




Task Name & Sponsor IRISnet Unicorn Task
Prize $2k USD in IRIS
# of Winners 3
  1. Issue a mock token by account A.
  2. Create an oracle service to generage mock price data for the mock token by account B. 
  3. Query the mock price data of mock tokens by account A, C. 
  4. Add the liquidity IRIS-mock to Coinswap according to the price of the mock token by account A. 
  5. Swap the tokens on Coinswap by account C.
Sponsor Rules
  • Hackers must understand the features which are available on IRIS Hub now, such as iService, oracle, Coinswap and NFT, and to learn to use them. 
  • Please use the nyancat testnet for completing this task
  • The prize will be evenly split among the first 3 hackers to successfully complete the task. 
  • KYC is required.
  • Resources: documentation




Task Name & Sponsor Akash Unicorn Task
Prize $2k USD in AKT
# of Winners 10
Task Akash is the world's first open-source cloud marketplace that is censorship resistant, non-custodial, and self sovergin. Awesome Akash is a curated list of awesome resources people can use to familiarize themselves with Akash and with Akash and includes examples of several applications they can deploy ont he platform. 

  • Deploy your open-source application (or any OSS application not already on the list) on Akash Network and submit an SDL file to Awesome Akash
  • Instructions on how to deploy the SDL filesin this repository can be found here.
Sponsor Rules
  • The prize will be split evenly among the first 10 hackers to succesfully complete the task. 
  • Join Akash developer chat on discord if you have any questions or concerns. 
  • KYC/AML will be required to claim winnings. 


Kitty Tasks: IBC & NFT


Task Name & Sponsor Persistence & IXO Kitty Task
Prize $2k in USDC
# of Winners 1
  1. Import interNFT modules to your application/fork the assest mantle project. 
  2. Defina a nub identity and link keys to it.
  3. Use the identity to define an assest classification.
  4. Delegate maintenance of a subset of the new assest classification's propertieis to one or more new identities.
  5. Issue an asset.
  6. Refunge the asset.
  7. Transfer assest.
  8. Wrap a token into an NFT.
  9. Define an order type to exchanage your class of NFT against a token. 
  10. Create a sell NFT order.
  11. Execute the order. 
  12. Burn the NFT. 

Bonus (No Code):

  • Create your NFT market place on demo.internft.org
  • Create interesting/innovative NFT marketplace on the dApp
  • Sell NFTs on the marketplace

Docs & resources:

Sponsor Rules
  • The prize will be awarded to the first submission with complete implementation.  If there are no submissions with complete implementation, then the prize will go to the most complete submission. Each step will gain hackers 10 points, the hacker with the higest score - wins
  • KYC is not required to receive the prize.






Fox Tasks: IBC infrastructure